• Caitlin McAuley

Syphon Falls & Gayle Creek Loop ~ Adventures in the Shuswap

A few weeks ago on a somewhat brisk autumn afternoon I packed up my little girl Addison, and our dog Taz and headed out on a little adventure/scouting trip here in the Shuswap.

I had done a quick google search looking for waterfalls in the area close to our home in Silver Creek and I stumbled upon Syphon Falls so we hit the road and headed north to go check out this waterfall.

The hike in was a fairly easy-moderate walk fir the first part of the trek. Along the way we passed other families out enjoying their Sunday afternoon. The leaves were breathtaking! My absolute favorite thing about Mid September through to end of October are the beautiful fall colours. Absolutely stunning!

About halfway up the trail, the incline starts, and then towards the last stretch of the hike, you hit a steeper path that navigates around and sometimes over many larger boulders. As we went further and further into the trees, we could hear the beautiful sounds of rushing water. As we came over the ridge, to the right was a shear rock face with hooks, evidence of a rock climbers' cliff, and down and to the left were the falls.

There is just something so peaceful about the sound of a waterfall, it just sets you into the perfect state of mind where you forget about everything else and focus on the here and now in the moment. After taking it all in, I set up my tripod and took a bunch of pictures, including some of myself! (Which I hardly ever do!)

I am putting in an effort to live what I preach and to get in more photos with my daughter and to capture the weekend adventures that we go on with more than a selfie picture with an iphone.... a litttle more effort, YES however totally worth it when I look back on quality time spent with my little girl who is transforming into a little lady right before my eyes.

So who would be up for a photoshoot at this beautiful Shuswap location?

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