• Caitlin McAuley

Firemen & Fireworks in Silver Creek

This is a little bit of a late post... however better late than never! Lol. I just had to share these images with everyone on the blog. I have made a goal to push myself as an artist to try new and different photography techniques. Long exposure photography is something that has always intrigued me so when I found out that our little community of Silver Creek was putting on a Halloween fireworks show I knew that I just absolutely had to pull out my tripod and do a little playing around with my camera with long exposures.

(For those of you who aren't familiar with what a long exposure is, basically you put your camera on a tripod and set it to take a photo for several seconds, instead of getting a black photo, the camera is able to "suck in" all the light it can and you get some really cool night images when shooting after dark!)

The fireworks pictures used an exposure of 30 seconds, and the bonfire ones where about 5 if I recall! Really cool stuff though! I can't wait to give this a try hopefully on some Northern lights this winter in Shuswap if I am lucky enough to get the chance!

A special Thank-you goes out to the Silver Creek Fire Department and all of the volunteers from the Silver Creek Community who make events like this one such a huge success!

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