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Big Horn Sheep Near Kamloops

A couple of weeks ago after our first snow fall here in the Shuswap I decided to go through some of my pictures from last year that I didn't quite get to...

Although today I mainly photograph families and weddings... many of you may not know that my passion for photography originated while I was living in the Yukon where I first started as a landscape & wildlife photographer. I joke that grizzly bears were too tame so I decided to jump feet first into wedding photography... lol! All joking aside, any chance I get to pull out my camera to photograph wildlife, I am all over it!!

After scrolling through hundreds, never mind, make that thousands of pictures I came across this set that I nearly had forgotten about! One afternoon after driving back from the Cariboo area with my daughter, I saw a couple of cars pulled over on the side of the road on the outskirts of Kamloops. I knew that there was a heard of Big Horn Sheep that live in the area, I had seen them before however the last time I didn't have my camera with me...... I know stupid me. Ever since that day I have been sure to have my camera and telephoto lens with me when I have been in the Kamloops area with no luck...... its like they know I am ready for them so they all disappear!!!! So naturally I was crossing my fingers that the Bighorns were there to greet me!

And beyond my amazement there they were! I managed to get some absolutely amazing shots of these wild sheep. A group of maybe 12 individual with a mix of ewes and rams. A beautiful example of the amazing wildlife that BC has to offer.

We had the pleasure of watching these sheep run up and down the hill side with amazing agility, they were approaching the rut (breeding season) so the rams were showing off and chasing their perspective mates. Which was a sight to see. After about 15 minutes or so they all casually walked up the steep

(You will notice a fence in the last photo behind my daughter, these sheep are very much wild, however the fence has been installed along the highway for their protection and public safety so that they stay off the road.)

What magnificent animals!

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