• Caitlin McAuley

A Bird's Eye View of Salmon Arm & Silver Creek

A few weeks ago, my family and I did something super awesome.... we took the morning off and went for a flight over our valley! Darrin had promised me a flight over our house for the last year and we were finally able to make it come together and just in time as he had to leave that very afternoon to fly the plane back to the Yukon.

I always find flying over an area that you know so well gives you such a unique perspective! We took off from the Salmon Arm airport, then headed over Shuswap lake, for a view of one of my FAV local family photo locations...….. Foreshore/Raven Trail & Christmas Island! I am the only one who didn't realize how rectangular the trail is on the island.... ?!

From there we headed up Salmon Valley were we live so we could take a few aerial view shots of our little piece of paradise on 5 acres..... but not without taking some pics of some of the local amazing businesses in our valley including, Hillside Dreams Goat Dairy, Silver Creek Store, Community Hall, Ovino Winery, Reverent Acres.

All website links can be found below you should check these amazing businesses out next time you are going for a drive in the country!

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