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Okanagan Equine Maternity Session

Update: A Huge Congrats to this momma who welcomed a beautiful Baby BOY Jaxon Edward last Thursday (January 26th).

I am so beyond thrilled to be making this post... Dreamy Skies, snowy fields & mountains, a beautiful dress, an even more gorgeous momma to be (in only a couple of weeks may I add!!!) and her two gorgeous Horses, Charlie & Lucie. There is no greater bond that a little girl and her childhood horse... This has indeed proven to be true with Gemma & Charlie's story. Gemma shared with me that her White English Cob, 23 year old (Or young should I say) Charlie was actually a Birthday gift, given to her in England on her 13th birthday.

When her family decided to make the move to Canada Gemma exclaimed that there was no way that Charlie was going to be left behind. In her words, "Well the family dog is coming, so obviously Charlie is too!" A ferry Ride and then a plane ride later (That's RIGHT I said PLANE) and the two were reunited. I can definitely see why she wouldn't leave him behind, he has such a puppy dog personality. Literally when he met me at the gate he started to lick me just like a puppy... Gemma's other equine partner hasn't been by her side quite as long, her 6 year old mare Lucie, a Thoroughbred cross came into Gemma's life 3 years ago in order to allow a well deserved retirement for Charlie. She describes her as easy to work with, and is always looking for attention, however exclaiming that she is a mare... so she does make sure that her opinions are known... What? Never... I don't know a single Mare (Or female for that matter) who feels the same way at times ;) LOL!

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